Yoga Child's Pose

Start your private yoga studio while living in a tiny (or busy) house!

yoga studio backyard.png

Either you live in a small house or in a busy house surrounded by your beloved kids and pets, you can still easily build your yoga studio.

  • No need to rent an expensive studio and struggle to find the best hours.

  • No need to go from  studio to another to offer your classes.

  • No need to disrupt the daily life of your family.

  • No need to wait for the pandemic to stop.

If you have a backyard, you can easily build your comfortable yoga studio and start promoting your courses.
You can broadcast from this comfy place decorated according to your taste or yoga tradition.


We always have the right dimension of dome. You will receive it a few weeks after your order and easily assemble it.
In less than 2 months you will  be ready to start your new activity, choosing the best hours for your students!

You order your dome and we take care of everything, delivering the best product directly to your house.
Meanwhile, you start the preparation of your flyers, webpage, social medias. Then as soon as the dome is received and assembled your new activity starts.
This is simple, easy, and it can start right now!



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